Winter holidays is the time of hard work for the participants of the Master Classes. Most of them prepare for participation in competitions, auditions or prestigious concerts. It is Busko-Zdroj, where such young artists as Anna Maria Staskiewicz, Bartosz Woroch, Joanna Kreft, Maxima Sitarz, Anna Malesza, Adam Siebers, Stanisłw Podemski, Patrycja Pojenta, Mariusz Wysocki, Maciej Kozendra, Wiktor Kociuban, Ilona Basiak, Maria Slipska and Mikołaj Cieslak prepared for the most difficult violin and cello competitions. This does not mean that the stay in Busko-Zdroj   is work and nothing more. Free time activities include  the Salt Cave and swimming-pool. Also the parents, who come to the Course with the young participants, can relax and benefit from the renowned local spas.


This is the only Master Classes in Poland, which is integrally connected with the International Music Festival of world renown.